Top 5 cameras for photography in 2018

Choosing the best camera is vital for the photography as it can impact the end result severely if the wrong choice is made. The DSLR cameras have taken over the market by storm and therefore for the end users choosing the best option is somewhat difficult. There are both cheap and expensive pieces in this regard that can be purchased and all pack a punch. Some old models of the digital cams are still out on the market and are used by the people as they provide exceptional quality. The best part is to make sure that the camera chosen is within the range and does not disturb your budget at all. Continue Reading

Is film photography really returning to Toronto?

Canada is considered to be one of the most advanced countries of the West in every aspect. This is because the development of technology is rapid. In Toronto, however, the recent years have seen the rise is film or analog photography which has made the shops in the area too busy to handle the queries of the digital filmmakers. The rife in the concept is becoming more and more common in the area. The shop owners in this regard make sure that almost 100 rolls are developed per day to make sure that they get the maximum advantage of the situation. The very astonishing aspect of the idea is that these are not the old filmmakers but the younger generation that is keeping the idea alive. Continue Reading