Top 5 cameras for photography in 2018

Choosing the best camera is vital for the photography as it can impact the end result severely if the wrong choice is made. The DSLR cameras have taken over the market by storm and therefore for the end users choosing the best option is somewhat difficult. There are both cheap and expensive pieces in this regard that can be purchased and all pack a punch. Some old models of the digital cams are still out on the market and are used by the people as they provide exceptional quality. The best part is to make sure that the camera chosen is within the range and does not disturb your budget at all.

Nikon D850

Nikon is known the world over for the best photography products which it makes. The camera in question is 48MPand has an optical viewfinder. It has a full frame sensor and also integrates a tilting 3.2-inch screen. With the 4K resolution, the shutter speed of the cam is 7 frames per second or fps. It is a highly versatile machine which is used by high end and very professional photographers. The current price of this cam listed at Amazon is around $3500 which also makes it one of the most expensive cameras on this list.

Canon EOS 80D

Professional photography has seen the new machine which is simply astounding. It is a DSLR camera which has APS-C sensors installed to make the videos as well. The maximum resolution of this camera is about 24MP and it is also accompanied by the Canon EF-S lens mount. Within the 3.2 inch screen, there are 1 million+ dots which makes it one of the best choices of all times. The camera does not support 4K but the video can be shot in ultra HD. The shutter speed of this camera is about 7fps. The current listed price of this camera is about $800.

Nikon D750

It is another masterpiece which is created by Nikon. The best part of the camera is that it allows the users to adjust the screen as they want. The angles of the screen are greater than the D850 model which makes it a great choice. With 1.2 million+ dots on its 3.2-inch screen, this camera is the best on the market as it is professional and requires minimum maintenance. It has an optical viewfinder and does not support 4K video processing at all.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

This 20.4MP camera is completely mirrorless and has a 3-inch vari-angle touchscreen. It is one of the best models which the company has developed. It has an electronic viewfinder and the max shutter speed is 60fps which is simply stunning. It also has Micro Four Thirds lens integration.

Panasonic Lumix G80

It is also the mirrorless camera and supports 4K resolution completely. With this camera, professional photography is not a problem. With the 16MP resolution, this program makes sure that the 9fps shutter speed is also provided for real-time shooting. It also has a 3-inch vari-angle touch screen with 1 million+ dots on it.