Upcoming photography events in Canada worth your attention

Canadian photographers are known all over the world for their exceptional work. There are many events which take place in Canada to make sure that the best talent in the field is brought forward. These events also get different photography societies closer to each other.

Canadian Imaging Conference and Expo 2019

Canadian Imaging Conference and Expo 2019

It is an annual event which is hosted by the Professional Photographers of Canada. In this event photographers from all over the world take part. They work on projects and make sure that the future collaborations are developed. It is one of the most renowned photographic events in Canada.

Scotiabank Contact Photography

This photography event takes place in Toronto and is visited by industry professionals. It is a renowned event which makes sure that the winner gets the Scotiabank Giller Prize. The Canadian Photography Institute also collaborates with the bank for this event.

International Conference on Image Processing Theory

This event takes place each year in Toronto from 28th November to 1st December. The photographic methods and the advancements which foster the process are presented to the photographers.

Profusion Pro Imaging Expo

About 20,000 visitors attend the expo which will take place on 13 – 14 November 2018. The software programs which have been developed in relation to photography in 2018 will be presented to the photographers.

International Summer School on Advanced Optical Imaging and Photoactivation Techniques

The researchers in the field of photography are brought together in this event which takes place each year. The current date set for the event is 2 – 12 June 2019. The experimental sciences and their integration with image processing techniques are also discussed.

International Photography Conference and Expo

With this conference, the professional photographers get a boost in their professional careers. It is one of the best expos which is highly regarded by the photographers and it is all because of the work that it is doing for them. The current date is set in the month of May 2019.

Sudbury Bridal Show

As the name depicts it is a show which is related to the bridal photography and it is attended by the photographers of the same class. It will take place in the month of November this year. The advancements in the image processing of the bridals are also discussed to make sure that the end result is simply awesome.

Canam Photo Expo

This event will take place in April 2019. The Canam Photo Expo is widely recognized as a start point for the models. In this photography event, ramp walk and the types of cameras which are to be used is discussed by the different photographers. It is attended by 5000 visitors in total.

GTA Photography 2018

This expo is held in Toronto and can be regarded as the recreational get together of the photographers from all over the world. Here the photographers wine and dine and meet others in a relaxing environment.

Photography and LightRoom

Photography and LightRoom

This expo is hosted by Richview Digital Innovation Hub. It will start on the 23rd of August 2018 and will continue for the next 2 days. Here the lightening arrangements of the photography are discussed completely to make sure that the end result is more refined.